The Hon'ble Chief Justice of Bombay High Court issued a notice to the Central Government and to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in a Public Interest Litigation filed in the Year January 2016 by Petitioner Mr. Gansham Ramchandani to set up an ombudsman in Telecom Sector.

According to the Petitioner’s Advocate Mr. Hitesh Ramchandani the Public Interest Litigation is filed to appoint an ombudsman in Telecom Industry who will be an Independent body to redress and pass orders and penalize the service providers for Complaints and grievances against the Telecom Service providers.
The Petitioner’s Advocate has stressed the point before The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Bombay High Court that currently in telecom the redressal tire system is that the Consumer redresses first to Telecom Service Provider and if not satisfied then to Appellant Officer of same service Provider. This tier-mechanism of a call center and the appellate is not independent and it lies within the authority of the telecom service provider who is a party in the matter. The Department of Telecommunication only act as a facilitator and just forward the consumer grievance to the service provider, the Department of Telecommunication do not give any orders or penalize the service provider for not redressing the Consumer Grievance as they are not vested with powers to penalize service provider for not redressing the Grievances. The service provider is at a discretion to close the complaint received from Department of Telecommunication without resolving the Consumers Grievances. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India don’t entertain and don’t redress individual Telecom consumers complaints.
The Petitioner’s Advocate Mr. Hitesh Ramchandani stated to the Bombay High Court that in the year 2004 TRAI had floated a consultation paper that there is a need to set up an ombudsman in Telecom Sector but in the year 2009 the Government decided as to not to set up an Ombudsman in Telecom Sector.  
The telecom sector in India has grown rapidly in last decades. From a subscriber base of around 90 million in March, 2006, the number of telecom subscribers in India reached around 1.04 billion by June 2016. These subscribers filed approximately 10.23 million complaints just in the Jan-March Quarter in 2016 with the Telecom Service Providers (TSPs). The complaints were on account of wrong billing, indifferent or poor quality of service, non-provision of contracted services, etc.

There is no other sector with such a mass base of 1 billion Telecom customer. An average consumer probably has complaints worth Rs 30 or Rs 20 a month. Very small value but large numbers. Since amount involved in most of the consumer complaints related to telecom service is very meagre in comparison to the litigation cost and in view of the time taken by the Consumer Courts/Forums in deciding the case, consumers in general are not willing to approach the Consumer Courts/Forums for redressal of their complaints

Currently in India the Other Sectors such as Banking and Insurance also has an Ombudsman to immediately redress individual complaints. The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) who is the Regulatory body of banks had set up an office of Ombudsman in the year 1995, who immediately redresses the Complaints by giving the order and the order is binding on Consumer as well as to the Banks. The IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India) had set up an office of ombudsman in the year 1998 who immediately redresses the Complaints by giving the order and the order is binding on Consumer as well as to the Insurance service provider.

Australia had set up an office of the ombudsman in the year 1993 and United Kingdom in the year 2003 for Telecommunication Sector, to help consumers to resolve their disputes with their service providers, which they are not able to resolve through providers normal procedures.

The Next date of hearing is Scheduled on 18th November 2016.

A stunning connecting people app "WhatsApp" launches its video call facility after audio call.

Until now, the feature was invite-only and saw a restricted rollout. though there is been reports that the feature is functioning with the sooner version of the app, it's instructed that you just update the app to induce the decision tab.

The latest version of the WhatsApp traveller app currently obtainable for downoad on Google Play includes the abundant mentioned WhatsApp vocation feature activated by default. Users now not can have to be compelled to receive a WhatsApp decision from a disciple to possess the feature activated.

It is price mentioning that after you're on a decision through the app, network calls won't work. you may be needed to maneuver to your phone's regular vocation feature to position calls over the cellular network.

How to Use Gmail Without Internet Connection.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Posted by Admin

How to Use Gmail Without Internet Connection.

Using Gmail offline is now possible , just because of  "Gmail offline" application.

By using This application , you can access to your emails of your Gmail account whenever you are not connected to internet.You get access to your Gmail with "Full control".
you can view the screenshot of the application "Gmail offline" Application below.
As you can see you can read all emails using this Application.

After Installing the application you can view your emails and reply also in offline mode.
Even You can Compose/Reply of any email.
This email will be sent automatically whenever you are connected to internet

you can download Gmail offline Application from : Here

The User Interface of "Gmail offline" is some like different from original Gmail layout.
It  looks more Powerful then Gmail.

Pro of Gmail offline:

  • Security of your emails (Because the application is developed by Google itself)
  • Most important (offline email feature)

Why you are waiting .. Open your "Google chrome" Browser
and install plugin by clicking here.

Free Hotspot Shield Elite Licence

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Posted by Admin
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I am proudly glad to inform you that the hotspot shield elite has announced for free licence give away for a limited time and to a limited users.

" How to Get Hotspot Shield Elite Licence For Free ? "

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How to Search Person in Uttarakhand ?

It has been a big news and shock to whole the world that because of flood in uttrakhand thousands of people get stucked  in uttarakhand .

Relatives of the Stucked People "Uttrakhand " In flood are finding the way to connect them.
Finally google people finder web application has person finder for uttrakhand people.

People who are in Uttarakhand can submit information their and their friends with them on this app.
And Their relatives can find the specific person Using Google people Search.

Click Here to Go to Application : Flood in 2013 @ Uttarakhand Person finder

Search for your person name :

In I'm Looking for someone : ->

Click the person , whom you need Details :

Please share this to as much people you can.

Webmaster and Bloggers Using will have no more earning from indian visitors as Indian Goverment's
Department of telecom has blocked domain due to their more and more usage of advertising and quality reducing for the internet users by waiting time to get desired link/content.'s http protocol has been blocked but for Indian webmasters https protocol is open so that they can browse .

Now Question arises "Can bloggers and webmaster earn with from indian users after this block ?".
Ans is yes.

How to earn with from Indian Users ?


You just have to put https:// instead of http:// to your url
i.e. your link before :
             Link After :

What about Full page script ?
How to change's linkconverter script ?

 I have made some modification to's javascipt and hosted it on hosting site.

Just change the script address from to my link..
no spyware is added you can check .js source here.

1.Login to your account.
2.Open tools menu
3.Select Full Page Script
 <script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
5.Apply this script to your site/blog .

What about website entry script ?

How to modify 's website entry script ?

change script to,
js location

1.Select Website entry script from tools menu.
2.change the marked script when you apply to your site/blog
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

And you have successfully transferred from http to https protocol.

Now you will have earnings from blocked indian visitors also.

Happy Blogging

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Velington : Google has sent a balloon in space . Its launching was done from New Zealand's Tekapo lake.
This balloon will float across stratosphere .  This Balloon will provide internet service in area's which are not connected to internet with fiber-optics or Towers . 'Project Loon' is the Name of this mission .

What is Project Loon ? :


Google Balloon :

The balloon filled up with helium gas and made of polythene having diameter of 49 feet .

Where balloon will go ? : 

It will go from 20kms above the earth surface in stratosphere .This Height is the height from where Felix Baumgartner has jumped to earth.

How it will Work ? :
1. The balloon provide internet facility by travelling around the earth.
2. The computer & specialize antenna in balloon can be controlled from earth surface.
3. There are solar panels across the computer system of balloon . This will work as energy source for         balloon.
4. In recent time it will stay in space for couple of weeks only. But in Future the improvements will help the   balloon to stay in space for 100 days.
5. GPS system will provide the actual location of balloon.

Setup receiver and get internet connection :

This balloon will provide 3g Internet service in very law cost. We do not need any fiber-optic or mobile tower to receive internet connection.User have to setup receiver as there is in satellite dish network to get internet connection.This will help the people in critical condition to get internet access.

Range 1250 Sq. kms. : 

Computer Transmitter on balloon will cover up 1250 Sq. kms area of Earth surface .
This area is double then newyork city area. This will provide internet connectivity in Forests, Mountains and in Caves.

300 Baloons and... :

Google has planned in upcoming years it will launch up to 300 Loon balloons across the Earth. So that where ever internet is not available they can connect with internet.

Challenges :

Control of the flight of balloon in space will be more n more difficult because , The height of balloon is so much high where the pressure of air , flaw of air , and environmental variations are very immediate .

Internet Service Users:

480 crore people uses wireless internet .
220 crore people uses Fiber-optic internet connection .

Internet Connection from space.
Get internet Everywhere you go...
Google's Project loon will be the revolution in internet connection .

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